Tripod Pedestals

TRP70 Tripod Pedestals

Up to 180 kg Payload Capacity

Tripod Pedestals - Datasheet

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Overview of TRP70 Series Tripod Pedestals

Our Tripods  have been developed for our PTS Series positioners. Besides, you can use these tripods for any task you need. They are suitable for usage in both outdoor and indoor applications.

All legs are foldable and can be fixed, when opened, to the concrete ground or soil with the appropriate apparatus included in the tripod package. Also, we can supply castor wheels optionally to move the tripod even with devices mounted on top of its mast. The mast height can be customized according to your needs.

They are made of steel structure with quality paint coating with customer selected colors range. If you prefer aluminum structure, you can consult with our experts. Please see our datasheet for more details on the existing models, or let’s discuss customizable options.


  • Mounting of Antenna Positioners, Pan Tilts, etc.
  • Both Outdoor and Indoor Applications
  • Video Surveillance & Security Systems
  • Wireless Communications

Key Features

  • Up to 180 kg Payload Capacity

  • Steel Structure for Heavy-Duty Works

  • Quick Set-Up

  • Customizable according to Users’ Demands

  • Optional Castor Wheels

  • Foldable Legs

Images of Our Tripods