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SAR20 Azimuth Positioners

SAR20 Positioners

Azimuth Positioners (or Polarization Positioners)

Up to Around 145 Nm
Torque Capacity

SAR20 Positioners - Datasheet

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Overview of SAR20 Azimuth Positioners (or Polarization Positioners)

When you need “azimuth positioners” and “polarization positioners” together, our SAR20 series will give you an optimum solution. These models can be used as both azimuth positioners and polarization (roll) positioners only by using side mounting brackets. SAR20 Series are used as antenna rotators mostly but are also suitable for other positioning purposes, such as sensor positioning, scientific and R&D applications, etc. SAR20 azimuth positioners (or polarization positioners) are robust and able to operate in outdoor conditions continuously. They can withstand dynamic loads resulting from wind action additionally static forces due to payloads.

The models in this series are capable of delivering 72 Nm torque at a speed of 16 deg/sec, 145 Nm at 8 deg/sec, and 145 Nm at 27 deg/sec depending on their models. Please note that we provide this speed data in “loaded” condition to give an idea about our torque and speed characteristics.

Our SAR20 Series positioners have positioning accuracy and repeatability within the range of ±0,02 degrees, and this feature makes them useful in long-distance positioning. Besides, it should be taken into account that our SAR20 Series positioners are designed and manufactured to provide smooth operation, longevity, and reliability. Thus, they satisfy Military Grade Standards MIL-STD-810F Tests like operating and storage temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, rain, and icing & freezing for the validation of operation in harsh environments.

Please keep in mind that we can also customize our models according to your needs. In order to have more information about SAR20 series, please analyze our datasheet or Consult Us for any details. (See also our other Rotary Positioners)


  • Antenna / Electro-Optical Sensor Positioning
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Antenna Measurements
  • General Purpose Angular Positioning 

Key Features

  • Up to 145Nm Delivered Torque at a Speed of 27 deg/sec.

  • High Angular Positioning Accuracy

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

  • Durable Marine-Grade Finish

  • Lightweight, Rugged Design

  • Complies MIL-STD-810F Requirements

  • Closed Loop Control

  • Positional Control Software

Images of SAR20 Azimuth Positioners (or Polarization Positioners)