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PTS10 Pan Tilt Positioners

PTS10 Positioners

Up to Around 100 Nm
Torque Capacity

PTS10 Positioners - Datasheet

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Overview of PTS10 Pan Tilt Positioners

PTS10 Positioners are double axis, EL/AZ type (elevation over azimuth) Positioners that can be used for positioning electro-optical sensors and medium-weight antennas. They are designed to run at high speeds and deliver high torque characteristics with low weight. PTS10 series are less than 22kg or 32kg (depending on model) and capable of delivering torque up to around 104Nm, in other words, carrying an unbalanced payload (top-mount, assuming the mass center is on the top surface of tilt table) with a mass of 86 kg.

These positioners can deliver 104 Nm maximum torque at a speed of 54 deg/sec. Please note that we provide speed data in “loaded” conditions to clarify torque and speed characteristics. Our PTS10 Series Pan Tilt Positioners have positioning accuracy within the range of ±0,02 degrees.

Moreover, please note that PTS10 Series is designed and manufactured to provide smooth operation, longevity, and reliability. Thus, they satisfy Military Grade Standards MIL-STD-810F Tests like operating and storage temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, rain, and icing & freezing for validation in working in harsh environments.

Please keep in mind that we can also customize our models according to your needs. In order to have more information about PTS10 series, please analyze our datasheet or Consult Us for any details. (See also our other Rotary Positioners)


  • Antenna / Electro-Optical Sensor Positioning
  • Tracking
  • Border Security and Surveillance
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • Antenna Measurements

Key Features

  • Up to 104Nm Delivered Torque at a Speed of 54 deg/sec.

  • High Angular Positioning Accuracy

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

  • Durable Marine-Grade Finish

  • Lightweight, Rugged Design

  • Complies MIL-STD-810F Requirements

  • Closed Loop Control

  • Positional Control Software

Images of PTS10 Pan Tilt Positioners