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Overview of LCB30 Series Control Boxes

Our PTS, SAR, and AZL Series Positioners use LCB30 Series control boxes that have two main models. They are,

  • Standard Model
  • Enhanced Model

Standard Models are included in the positioner package. Enhanced models are optional and sold separately. Enhanced versions are supplied with the built-in computer having a 10 inch touchscreen to run positioners’ control software. This model also allows users to connect their PCs by a USB port. With this feature, users can bypass the built-in computer in the control box. Please note that all the models are suitable for 19inch rack mounts. 


  • Letra PTS, SAR and AZL Series Positioners

Key Features

  • 19 Inch Rack Mount

  • Built-in Power Source (220 VAC Inlet, 24 or 48VDC Outlet)

  • USB Data-In, RS485 Data-Out

  • Easy to Use

  • Customizable according to Users’ Demands

  • Standard and Enhanced Models

Images of Our Control Boxes